Monday, April 7, 2014

We Need Your Help for Our Flash Blog this Thursday!!!

Please JOIN US for a flash blog to protest the elimination of Ryan White Part D (targeted healthcare services for women, children, and families affected by HIV in 40 US States, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico).

You can contribute from any and everywhere. You do NOT have to use your real name (but you are welcome to). You do NOT have to live in the US (but if you do, please share your city and state if you are comfortable, so we can indicate if you are from an area that would be affected by the budget cuts).

You can be of ANY age, and we will accept any type of submission: stories, poems, drawings, multimedia, essays, etc.

We welcome submissions from people living with HIV/affected by HIV, but we also welcome submissions from people who are not affected! Allies are welcome.

We ask, of course, that your submission is related to the vulnerable populations served by Part D: women, teenagers, infants, children, spouses, partners, and/or other family members whom are HIV+ themselves or have one more relatives that are. Often those at greatest risk are people of color, transgender individuals, those with socioeconomic challenges, etc. But what you share is up to YOU! Here are some ideas:

Share about your family, about yourself. Share about your hopes, your dreams, your accomplishments. Share about your struggles. Share about your community. Share about HIV, about gender, age, etc.

Share about the nontraditional families often found in HIV affected communities: single parent or grandparent-headed households, blended families, adoptive families, same gender parent households, foster families, emancipated youth.

Share about why you believe it's important for women, youth, and families to have access to healthcare and support services. "Support services" from Ryan White varies from transportation, childcare, case management, mental health, substance use treatment, housing, nutrition, peer mentors, education/training, community advisory boards, seminars, meals, and more.

Share drawings made by your children. Pictures of your families. Quotes that motivate you.

JUST SHARE! Send us your contribution no later than 5 pm on Wednesday, April 9, 2014!

Direct submissions and/or questions and comments to:

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