Monday, April 7, 2014

Gone Too Soon: Remembering Ryan White, 12/06/1971 to 04/08/1990

Today (April 8th) marks the 24th anniversary of Ryan White's passing at the age of 18 years old as a result of AIDS-related complications. 

Diagnosed at 13 with AIDS, Ryan and his family faced tremendous discrimination and stigma due to society's negative perceptions of people living with HIV/AIDS.

These experiences motivated Ryan and his mother to become staunch advocates for the HIV community and other groups. Ryan died a few months before the Ryan White CARE Act was passed, but his family (in particular his mother, Jeanne White-Ginder) remained involved in HIV advocacy circles, and are proud that this important program bears his name!

Ryan's story reminds us of how far we have come. But it is also a story of advocacy, of assertiveness, of not accepting the status quo. Ryan and his mother Jeanne refused to allow people, schools, or institutions to degrade and discriminate against HIV+ individuals and their families!

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