Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Victory; Ryan White Part D is saved for FY 2015!!!!

Victory; Ryan White Part D is saved for FY 2015!!!!

Dec 23, 2014 — We won!!!! (For real this time!) In case you are not yet aware, on December 13, 2014, Congress approved the fiscal year 2015 funding bill (which contained several appropriations bills, including the Health Resources Services Administration that funds the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program). 

In the bill (which is in effect until September 30, 2015), the proposal to consolidate Ryan White Part C and Ryan White Part D was rejected. Ryan White Part D is NOT eliminated; it has been funded as a stand-alone program as in previous years! 

Thank you everyone, for your assistance in retaining these crucial services for women, infants, children, youth, and families living with HIV! Nearly 10,000 of you signed our petition and countless others supported this important cause, and it made a difference! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

However, though Ryan White Part D is safe for this fiscal year, it is important that these important services are maintained beyond merely one year. There are many organizations that are heavily involved in advocating for this cause, including Positive Women's Network-USA; the AIDS United Public Policy Committee; the AIDS Alliance for Women, Infants, Children & Youth (a program of the AIDS Institute), and others. 

Please connect with an organization and stay informed so that we can #SaveRyanWhitePartD for the long term!

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