Thursday, March 27, 2014

The community is rising up to #SaveRyanWhitePartD!!!

The community is rising up! 

Last week community advocates in FL and DC visited their public officials to voice their displeasure over this. 

Policy leaders from the AIDS Alliance and the Positive Women's Network have been communicating with their contacts and strategizing at a national level. 

The Positive Women's Network has issued an advocacy kit and some great resources!

Community advisory board members in Houston met to brainstorm about how to support this initiative.

The Women's, Children, Infants, and Youth community advisory board in Tampa is hosting a meeting as well.

And all of YOU have been sharing and signing the petition. We now have over 700 signatures in just a week's time on our petition! Thank you!

Post to the page what you are doing, or ideas that you have to keep the momentum going!

Message us with questions and/or email us at

And don't forget to sign our We the People petition for this same issue as well!

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