Monday, July 28, 2014


They say that it takes a lot of courage to admit that you made a mistake; I hope that's true, because I made a huge mistake, but I don't feel courageous at all...I feel sick. But it needs to be done. So here goes.

Yesterday I posted (in a million places on the internet) a victory statement declaring that Ryan White Part D was safe for the 2015 fiscal year. I have since learned that this is not the case; no final decisions have been made surrounding Part D.

Early this morning, I discovered my error. But by then, I had already notified many of you (because I was so happy). Now I have the unpleasant task of having to retract my words.

I sincerely apologize for sharing inaccurate information. I pride myself on my honesty and my ethics, and it pains me deeply to have mislead anyone. I am sorry for anyone whom I have hurt or confused by my actions. I take full responsibility for my mistake.

Moving forward, I will refrain from making any unilateral official public statements related to Part D. I will entrust that duty to the many dedicated and competent organizations that are working hard to save this vital program.  :)

I will continue to advocate for this program, as it is an important one that has personally impacted my life and that of my family. I will continue to lend my support to advocacy efforts so that Ryan White Part D will indeed be saved - for real this time. I do believe that the "odds are in our favor" and that most likely the program will be secure. I can't wait until we know this as a 100% certainty.

So again, please pardon my huge faux pas. It was unintentional, but it was still my fault. I hope you all will KEEP UP your advocacy efforts surrounding Part D, as we are so close we can almost touch the victory. Together, let's make it happen!

Sincerely, Morénike

For info on Part D advocacy resources, visit:

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